About Us

We love cool new bakery items, the kind we see on social media that we can buy online or at a trendy storefront.  But sometimes we want something new and sweet right now, at a price we can afford every week. 


BITE Bakehouse brings those cool new bakery items to local stores at prices the rest of us can afford.  So you can satisfy that craving for a little something whenever you want.  Right where you already shop. 


We’ve been voted Best of New Hampshire pie maker for 12 years straight and have been serving national retailers and brands with all sorts of clean-label baked products for years.  We have an amazing team of bakers who create dozens of inventive, premium, all-natural bakery products.  BITE Bakehouse brings some of our favorites direct to the store. 


At BITE we think the way to health and happiness is balance.  We don’t hate on flour, sugar and butter; we embrace them sensibly.  We hand-craft natural ingredients into portable, snackable treats that are right for the way we live today.